Silas Altamont was the favored lover of Lord Creon Malvinius and was eventually bound using the obligation d'âme by Porphyria Levant.

Obligation d'âmeEdit

When Creon Malvinius married Lisette Malvinia, Silas Altamont was concerned that Malvinia would attempt to maim or kill him in a jealous rage.  Knowing that Porphyria Levant was more powerful than any wizard Malvinia could contract, Altamont went to Levant and asked to have the obligation d'âme cast upon him. 

Levant complied with Altamont's request and proceeded to use the obligation d'âme to force Altamont to have sex with her.  Altamont, who was molly, was increasingly distressed by this and threatened to kill himself.   In response, Levant forbade Altamont to commit suicide.


Malvinia appears in a story Mildmay tells in the introduction to Mélusine.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Silas is a contracted form of Silvanus, from the Latin silva "forest."
  • Altamont is a toponym that means "high mound" or "high mountain."  In 1969, the Altamont Free Concert ended in many displays of violence, including one murder and three accidental deaths.