The obligation d'âme or binding-by-forms is a spell that can be cast by a wizard on an annemer.


The obligation d'âme first requires an oath of loyalty between the wizard and the annemer.  The wizard agrees to protect the annemer from anyone who might wish the annemer harm, while the annemer agrees to serve the wizard without question and renounce all other earthly ties.  The wizard then casts a spell to bind both parties to their promise.

Using the obligation d'âme, the wizard can compel the annemer to do anything other than commit suicide.

The obligation d'âme is an irreversible spell.


While the obligation d'âme was legal in Mélusine in the past (Mildmay specifies that it was legal during the reign of Claudius Cordelius), it's illegal at the present time.



In the introduction to Mélusine, Mildmay describes the form and function of the obligation d'âme.

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Behind the scenesEdit

"Obligation d'âme" is French for "obligation of the soul."