Mildmay on the cover of The Virtu.

Mildmay is a cat-burgler-cum-assassin and a central character in the Doctrine of Labyrinths quadrology.


Mildmay is fair-skinned and red-haired.  Because that makes him stick out like a sore thumb in Mélusine's Lower City, his Keeper, Kolkhis, makes him dye it dark.  When he falls in with Mavortian von Heber, he stops dying his hair.

He has a long scar on one side of his face from a knife-fight he was in when he was fourteen. 

After he takes on the obligation d'âme, he dresses in black.

Name and aliasesEdit

Mildmay's full given name is Mild-May-Your-Sufferings-Be-at-the-Hands-of-the-Wicked.

Aliases Mildmay uses:

  • Dennis

Pre-canon HistoryEdit

Steals shit, kills people, fucks the closest thing he has to a mother figure.

In the booksEdit


Drags a madman across a country and a half.

The VirtuEdit

Starts dressing like Johnny Cash.

The MiradorEdit

Has to walk up a shit ton of stairs.


Learns to read.


Doesn't say much.


Tends to crush on ladies.