Gideon Thraxios is a Kekropian man who defected to Marathat to escape the Bastion. 


Mildmay describes Gideon as "a cross between a bank clerk and a choirboy" in Mélusine, while Felix says of him, "[...] He proved to be a man of medium height, slenderly built, with the bronze tone to his skin that indicated he came from the eastern end of the Kekropian Empire. His hair was dark and curly, escaping from his queue in wild tendrils; his eyes were dark and startlingly intelligent, shining like beacons out of an otherwise undistinguished, snub-nosed face. He was older than I, but I wasn't sure by how much."

By the end of his life, his looks have aged until he looks closer to his 45 years of age.

Pre-canon HistoryEdit

Learned magic, was a soldier.

In the booksEdit


Is the only one who believes Felix.

The VirtuEdit

Loses a tongue.

The MiradorEdit



Fiercer than he looks.


Loves a man with only a passing acquaintance with fidelity.