Felix Harrowgate on the cover of Mélusine.

Felix Harrowgate is a wizard of the Mirador and one of the central characters of the Doctrine of Labyrinths quadrology.


Felix is a fair-skinned man with curly red hair and "skew" eyes: one is blue, while the other is gold.  His appearance is striking in Marathat, where redheads are decidedly uncommon.  His features are strongly Troian, though unfamiliarity with Troia leads the other members of the Mirador to accept his claim that his look is indicative of Caloxan blood.

Felix prefers to dress in showy clothing and is particularly fond of coats that clash with his hair.

Pre-canon HistoryEdit

Has a friend called Joline, nearly drowns multiple times.

"Cover story"Edit

Because Felix would not be accepted by the Mirador if it was well-known that he was once a prostitute in the Lower City, Malkar provides him with a cover story.  According to it, Felix was raised in Arabel, Caloxa, until the age of seventeen.

In the booksEdit



The VirtuEdit

Comes back to the Mirador.

The MiradorEdit

Gets kicked out of the country.


Does a lot of hooking.


Angry and bipolar (citation needed).


They don't end well.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Felix is a Latin name meaning "lucky."
  • Harrowgate is an English surname whose origins are uncertain; it could possibly mean "grey hill road." 
  • It is also possible that the choice of "Harrowgate" was intended as a compound word combining "harrow" and "gate."  In modern usage, "to harrow" generally refers to literal or metaphorical plowing, but an archaic meaning of the word is "to plunder" or "to pillage."  The Harrowing of Hell is a concept in Christian theology that reflects that older usage; it refers to Jesus Christ's descent into Hell for the three days between His death and resurrection.  During this time, He supposedly "plundered" Hell of the righteous figures of the Old Testament, freeing them from their captivity by Satan.  Gate, meanwhile, could be a reference to the repeating gate imagery within the series.