Agnes Bellarmyn is a Mélusinian citizen and a wizard of the Curia.



Bellarmyn accompanies Robert of Hermione when he accuses Felix Harrowgate of being a prostitute from Pharaohlight at a ball in the Hall of the Chimeras.


  • Felix Harrowgate: She appears to have a distantly antagonistic relationship with Felix.
  • Robert of Hermione: While it is unknown how close Agnes and Robert are, they have enough of a relationship that he told her about Felix's past as a prostitute in Pharaohlight before confronting Felix on the subject.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Agnes comes from the Greek Hagnos "chaste" and is also associated with Latin agnus "lamb," an epithet for Jesus Christ.  Saint Agnes is the patron saint of young girls and rape victims.
  • Bellarmyn is likely derived from Bellarmine, itself a form of the Italian surname Bellarmino, possibly meaning "beautiful armor."  Saint Robert Bellarmine was an Italian cardinal active in the Counter-Reformation.  He is the patron saint of canonists and catechists.